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GUIDE: Setting up Transmission with OpenVPN and PIA

Port Forwarding when Using VPN

When you request a connection the relay server tells the NAS about said request and then connection data is transferred. Use one or the other, whichever you prefer. Curl is used to retrieve the current port forward from PIA, and xmlstarlet is used to safely edit the config. Basically, you need to map your router's pubic UDP port to Firewalla box port The next thing is, open only 1 port at router port-forwarding page, and only allow port UDP.

Remember that this 1.

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See my screenshot for reference. Now we have done that, you should be done. How do you use port forwarding routers? You just disable the PBR features, install the script, and it works.

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The script will be scheduled to run as a Cron Job at system boot and every two hours If the port number has changed when using Split Tunnel VPN Old port number will be removed from iptables to keep unused ports closed New port number will be opened Transmission will be updated with the new port number. Do you have a Synology?

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The reason we have the deny rule is so that if the VPN disconnects, traffic doesn't start going over the default gateway. Mine isn't listed because I already have it bound to an interface Select yours, and click add Now that the interface has been added, click on the interface name, here I am clicking on OPT5, but yours will be different.


If you want that then go into the pia. If that IS what you want, then leave it unchecked. The Synology instructions are very sketchy. The output will look like the following example.

Edit the script.

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I have a Synology NAS at home. Ik heb zowel DHCP binding als gewoon normaal geprobeerd. If you are using QuickConnect ID definitely would be safer compare to router port forwarding method because you have to manage your router security better if you are doing it your way.

Thats the only port for OpenVPN that needs access thru my firewall and i can't seem to figure out how to configure it correctly.

Synology openvpn port forwarding

Here's the current port forward settings. Add port forwarding rules to specify the destination ports of your Synology NAS that will receive packages from specific router ports. I've attached screenshots to show what both sections should look like when you're done. Could you please help me to make working port forwarding, which template to choose from mentioned above and what exactly I need to choose on each setting option.

So just use you favorite text editor and do this. This is so people on the internet can contact your machine through the vpn connection. If your Synology NAS is going to be accessible via the internet, then you should also install a valid SSL certificate and stop using the default self-signed private internet access port forwarding openvpn that can be forged.

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I think that's about it. And btw, don't miss changing the port number if configuring manually. It's brain-dead simple compared to PIA. The examples below were done on Ubuntu On your router setup port forwarding for An example of what the file looks like is below.

Synology openvpn port forwarding

The description names are important, as I use these to match the rules when editing the config. It's also important that 'Filter rule association' is set to 'Create new associated filter rule'. One notice says that the UDP portneed to be open in port forwarding and firewall rules.

I chose to enter 4.

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Any packets that enter via the WAN or VPN makes no difference are marked such that the reply packets are forced back out over the same network interface. I will go section by section, but it's just one long page.

This appears to be the only safe way to modify the configuration. However, we would like to keep the torrents alive, and also help those private internet access port forwarding openvpn are using private trackers. You can remove this stuff if you don't use it.

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