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Ovum ip vpn services market forecast. IP VPN vs MPLS: Top 5 Factors to Consider

ovum ip vpn services market forecast
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Although there is no built-in encryption within MPLS, customers can choose to add some level of encryption in order to make sure that their data is unreadable even if an attacker was somehow able to how to get us netflix in canada the mobile care — which is highly unlikely. Seventeen percent planed to implement a hybrid network themselves in the next two years, while nine were hoping to buy it as a complete solution from a service provider.

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North America follows with an average fixed download speed of The scale of hyperscale data centers Global data center IP traffic: Threefold increase by Most Internet traffic has originated or terminated in a data center sincewhen peer-to-peer traffic which does not originate from a data center but instead is transmitted directly from device to device ceased to dominate the Internet application mix.

Table 1. Equant, a member of the France Telecom Group, meets the diverse needs of global companies with the industrys most extensive portfolio of managed data network services.

Ovum Projects $66 Billion Market for Four IP-Based Managed Services by Nasdaq:CSCO

Equant IP VPN, which is deployed in more than countries and continues to record strong growth despite the current worldwide economic downturn, is representative of the world-class integrated product portfolio the new Equant brings to the global market.

The study, performed by Ovum and commissioned by Cisco as part of its on-going commitment to enabling service providers, confirmed that businesses are increasingly looking to managed service providers for managed metro Ethernet, managed Internet Protocol IP Virtual Private Networks VPNsmanaged IP voice and managed security.

Data center traffic will continue to dominate Internet traffic for the foreseeable future, but the nature of data center traffic is undergoing a fundamental transformation brought about by cloud applications, services, and infrastructure.

Figure 1.

Ovum: Market for managed IP-based services continues to grow

Data created is two orders of magnitude higher than data stored. Figure 4 summarizes the forecast for data center IP traffic growth from to Figure 2. The global data center traffic forecast, a major component of the Cisco GCI report, covers network data centers worldwide operated by service providers as well as enterprises. Declining growth in the market for high-performance Multiprotocol Label Switching MPLS networks is a symptom of the shift to hybrid networks that carry lower-priority traffic by alternative connectivity avenues, said David Noguer Bau, head of wireline marketing at Juniper.

This release may contain projections or other forward-looking statements related to Equant that involve risks and uncertainties.

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Traffic within hyperscale data centers will quadruple by All forward-looking statements are based on information available to Equant on the date hereof, and Equant assumes no obligation to update such statements. It also bought up competitors such as BTI Systems, which it acquired in Januaryto strengthen its cloud networking arm.

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Cloud adoption enables faster delivery of services and data, increased application performance, and improved operational efficiencies. Top seven data center and cloud networking trends Over the last few years, the telecommunications industry has seen cloud adoption evolve from an emerging technology to an established networking solution that is gaining widespread acceptance and deployment.

The higher volume of data center traffic is due to the inclusion of traffic inside the data center typically, definitions of Internet and WAN traffic stop at the boundary of the data center.

In this sense, the IP VPN acts like an operating system, allowing corporate customers at a site anywhere to tap the power of telecom networks everywhere. Global hyperscale data center growth These hyperscale data centers will grow from in number at the end of to by

Table 1 provides details for global data center traffic growth rates. Figure 4.

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Workloads and compute instances by application 5. The increased focus on business agility and cost optimization has led to the rise and growth of cloud data centers. Government fell from third to fourth place in managed services adoption since the first report was published in February As with servers, hyperscale data centers represent a large portion of overall data, traffic, and processing power in data centers.

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Asia Pacific is projected to have the most rapid growth fueled by managed service adoption in India and China, with a CAGR estimated at 27 percent. At the end ofthese 24 hyperscale operators will in aggregate have data centers, with North America having the largest share, at 46 percent, followed by Asia Pacific, with 30 percent, Western Europe, with 19 percent, and Latin America, with 4 percent.

Major companies worldwide are benefiting from the cost effectiveness and simplified management of Equant IP VPN, with automatic any-to-any connectivity to easily support expansion and other organizational changes. Equant IP VPN is at the heart of Equants new product portfolio and plays a unique unifying role with the other services.

Readers are referred to the documents filed by Equant with the SEC, specifically the most recent filing on Form F and the submission on Form 6-K containing the shareholders circular, which identify important risk factors that could cause actual results to differ from those contained in the forward-looking statements, including, among other things, risks relating to Equants history of operating losses, the unpredictability of growth in Equants markets, Equants rapid growth, changing technology, uncertain and changing regulatory restrictions, Equants international why does my netflix not work, dependence on suppliers, network security issues, competition, and volatility of Equants stock price and risks relating to the combination with Global One.

Voice and applications support will be a key element in a successful integrated ovum ip vpn services market forecast offering.

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Public vs. The network has unmatched seamless global reach, connecting key business centres in countries and territories, with local support in countries and territories. This document presents the details top vpn services that work on netflix and hulu the study and the methodology behind it.

Ovum: Market for managed IP-based services continues to grow