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How to Set Up a VPN for Chromecast | ExpressVPN Fortunately, you can expand your streaming possibilities while simultaneously securing your connection by using a VPN or Virtual Private Network. So, as an example, if the server is in the US, Netflix will automatically detect a US internet connection and load the US content library.

Top-quality replacement firmwares like DD-WRT and Tomato give users the ability to extend their wireless range and control how their bandwidth is allocated, but more importantly, they give users access to a wide range of advanced security fast proxy list. Click Start. Make sure your Chromecast is connected to the same WiFi network as your cast device.

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How to use VPN with Chromecast? Click OK and proceed to the next screen.

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Your Chromecast is now taking full advantage of the VPN! Disable IPv6 if required. Last modified: June 5, Unfortunately, the Chromecast does not allow you to set up a VPN connection on the device itself.

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Not sure where to start with Chromecast? Unfortunately, users will find that their Netflix region is detected automatically and limited to the country they are in, with no option for manual switching.

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In this day and age, online security is more necessary than ever, and VPNs provide a remarkably affordable and uncomplicated way to achieve it. Image Credit: TechRadar How to mirror your devices with Chromecast There are two main ways to cast to your Chromecast: through your smartphone and via your computer.

It starts with bit AES encryption on all transfers and no traffic logs to help keep that activity safe.

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With ExpressVPN, you get access to a free version of the virtual private network for seven days. On top of that, ExpressVPN keeps their servers optimized for streaming, making pulling down Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming content fast and reliable.

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Note: Using a single router solution is not recommended. Add a new service by clicking on the plus sign.

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As is typical with a free VPN, there are natural slowdowns at peak hours. Jeremy Laukkonen is a tech writer drawing from experience as a technology ghostwriter and as the creator of a popular blog and a video game startup.

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Enjoy your router-based VPN! A VPN will also encrypt your data and help protect your online privacy. The easiest method would be to get a second router and configure our VPN service on it. Use a second router and set that up to connect to the VPN This method would leave you with your existing network which would be your local ISP and then a second router which would route your traffic via the VPN network.

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If you are casting content from a device, then your device can also take advantage of the normal VPN benefits. But you can use two alternative options to pair a Chromecast with VPN.

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Strict zero-logging policy that covers both traffic and DNS request logs. Connect your Chromecast to the Wi-Fi network you set up in step seven.

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Best Chromecast VPN + Easy Setup Guide