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Combined with the variety of platforms, these features ensure users can stay safe even on public WiFi.

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  • While the technology that a VPN company offers is important, its physical location and the legal jurisdiction the company operates under also make a difference.

Private Internet Access does a particularly good job with OpenVPN configuration files, which are necessary if you're setting up many third-party apps. Overall, while the client's new interface is an improvement on the last version, it's still a little awkward, and not as easy to use as most of the competition.

The Usefulness varies depending on country. There is some good support news, though: moving those live chat operators over to the tickets must have improved support times, because we had a friendly and helpful response to our test query in under two hours.

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If they don't work as they should with the VPN on, add them to the Bypass List and their traffic will be rerouted through your regular connection. Again, you do get what you pay for in life, and, this VPN is cheap.

Ping also fell within the expected range.

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I really am pleased with my experience overall. However, you can lodge speed complaints straight from the client and they may be resolved. That's the best way to reassure potential customers that any VPN is living up to its no-logging promises. Unlike some of the competition, this isn't only available on the desktop — the iOS and Android clients get it, too.

This provides no extra encryption, but does further obscure the IP address.

Private Internet Access Review | Secure but is PIA fast (Speed TEST)

Trusted Score Unlike other sites, we thoroughly test every product we review. The US has very strict copyright violation laws DMCA and many large media companies that go after people for copyright infringement.

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Private Internet Access also tries to mitigate other security issues. Though the ability to unblock Netflix is limited, there are a few servers that work and PIA can still dodge most geo-blocking.

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Conclusion PIA is a very good VPN service that keeps getting better, and it is one of the lowest-priced options out there that delivers a high level of service. Since our last review, Private Internet Access vpn en france hadopi also began publishing a Transparency Report detailing any official requests for information, and user data handed over.

Unfortunately, PIA does not offer phone call support. Maybe not super fast, but within a day, I was good to go.

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The very few service calls I felt I needed to make to PIA best private internet access the years were always resolved promptly and courteously. The add-on can block location access, for instance, and prevent websites accessing your camera or microphone.

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Unfortunately, there is no option for live chat at this time. Value for Money Private Internet Access manages to deliver some of the best value for money in the industry.

Private Internet Access review: a good value, privacy-oriented VPN

All this functionality means there are lots of settings to explore, but on balance the add-ons work very well. You can make the list more compact by closing those multiple options.

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After the sixth strike, Comcast just leaves me alone now.

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